Fresh Finds Explained

Hi there, I’m Matt I’m the owner operator of Fresh Finds Vintage. I grew up in the rural area outside Edmonton Alberta and moved with my wife to Kamloops British Columbia in October 2016. While living in Edmonton I sold antiques and vintage clothing at the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall for 3 years while working as a distribution manager for a chain of rural newspapers. When I attended business school it was always with an eye on eventually opening my own shop selling vintage clothing and antiques and upon making the move to Kamloops I took the plunge and got started on making my vision for Fresh Finds a reality.

Fresh Finds is part of The Helm Collective, to quote from The Helm Collective’s website “Our primary goal is to provide creative entrepreneurs in Kamloops with access to resources that will hone their skills and assist them in achieving success in their new and/or growing business” it has been a fantastic fit for us. If your an entrepreneur in Kamloops looking for guidance or space they should definitely be one of the groups you meet with.

Why vintage clothing and antiques?

As a child I was the kid who would take anything and everything apart and try to put it back together. A side effect of taking things apart and putting them back together is you start to value the products that have been built with a higher standard of quality. I do enjoy technology and have been known to dabble in the nerdly arts (10 year Linux user, occasional arduino experimenter) but there is nothing I love more than looking at a completely mechanical device and figuring out how all the parts work together and getting it back to working how it should. You can see that aspect in the things I personally love to collect: typewriters, lanterns, pressure stoves, cameras, lighters, bikes and tools.

When it comes to my love of vintage clothing it’s totally a quality thing, as much as I sell fashionable clothing and am of the belief that there is no greater statement piece than a vintage item, I personally got into vintage clothing for the greater quality than new modern clothing of the same price can offer. I think the greatest testament to this quality is that they have already lasted decades, how many fast fashion clothing pieces do you think will be wearable in 20 years? I personally collect GWG Jeans items and when in Edmonton lived just down the street from the old GWG factory, while I am a firm believer in having little to no items being NFS (not for sale) my GWG Scrubbies Boutique denim banner is my current personal favourite item and would be very painful to let go. Besides denim I also really enjoy cowichan knits, work wear and leather jackets.